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Our Broward-based plumbing service will give you a hand in fixing any pipes or plumbing related issues in no time! Just give us a call at:


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We will execute with ease and good mood plumbing repair, installation and cleaning of pipes, connecting washing machines and dishwashers, the installation of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, shower cabins, and many other works.


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Max Discount Plumbing service will give you a hand in fixing any pipes or plumbing related issues in no time!shower cabins, and many other works.

The fastest and most robust plumbing service in Broward county!

Max Discount Plumbing there when you need us, ready to take care of any problem that you may have with your plumbing systems. We know your time is valuable. That is why when you call, we will arrive when you need us with a skilled service technician and a well stocked truck ready to troubleshoot, and repair your plumbing problem on the spot. We also have available to us a full line of replacement products if you want to upgrade or update.

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Max Discount Plumbing work extremely hard to deliver the highest level of
customer service — it's our #1 priority. Our customer service is world class
and unmatched in the plumbing industry. It all starts when you call our office.

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Finally a hard working reliable plumber who takes pride in his work and does not charge ridiculous prices! Milhome was great - just like his ad; honest & reliable. Arrive quickly, fixed the problem and charged exactly what he qoted. Thanks a lot!

Mike FrischenMale from Miami

Having some pipe broken and leaking, right in the middle of cooking a family dinner, that's a problem our family had to deal with recently... Thankfully, these plumbers from Max Discount Plumbing were fast and keen to help us all out!

Annabelle HarrisFemale from Broward

These guys are fantastic! My toilet installation turned out wonderful, very professional, efficient services and kind to your pocket also! highly recommend to anybody in Broward with plumbing needs.

Victoria HemsworthFemale from Fort Lauderdale

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A regular bathroom shower head is most usually shaped like a ball and is generally adjustable in its positioning during the usage... But that conventional solution is not the only option that is at your disposal. In case you...

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The issue of hot water is a pretty hot topic in a plumbing world. No pun intended, but there`s one residential plumbing fixture, which is crazy popular for the last 10 years or so and for a very good reason!

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